Covering the Full Value Chain on a Global Scale

TT Global consolidates worldwide repair and refurbishment from one low-cost, easily accessible hub. Meaning, our customers benefit from complete sustainability and circularity – every day, across the world.

With 24 offices and warehouses across 17 countries working together, the TTG global model ensures assets which would otherwise be scrapped are affordable for customers in emerging markets. We are unparalleled in the efficiency and scalability of our repair and distribution network – every year we process over 400,000 used and surplus stock from developed markets at our Global Repair Center and repurpose them for customers in emerging markets.

By centralizing repair and distribution from our global hub, our customers benefit from a strategically positioned shipping location, access to skilled technicians and efficient parts purchasing. Leading multinational companies and Fortune 500 corporations leverage our network to their advantage to recover value and remarket their assets for optimal returns.

Global Facilities

TT Global