Paving the Path to Product Stewardship

Since 1998, TT Global has been paving the path to product stewardship by building multinational, scalable recycling systems to recover value from the rise of digitisation and electronic goods.

At TT Global, we understand that for IT reuse to be fully optimized, a global approach is imperative to success in a move towards a circular economy. With the stream of e-waste rising in every country, we are proud of our strategic refurbishment and sales facilities that enable us to reuse IT components at a large scale and low cost.

By processing equipment before its disposal, we ensure that any valuable resources are recovered and utilized and assure reliable and affordable devices for new owners. This heavily reduces the environmental impact throughout every step of a component’s lifecycle and keeps toxic e-waste materials out of our landfills.

Where components have no value (even as spare parts) and need to be recycled, we only deal with licensed recyclers

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