Exceptional Global Solutions for IT Reuse

Through every step of an asset’s life cycle, TT Global provides exceptional service delivery and ensure all local, international laws and regulations are met. We invite you to be part of our global solution to IT reuse.

The electronics industry is the world’s largest and fastest-growing industry with a host of ever-increasing demands and expectations. TT Global (TTG) provides a unique global platform that professionally controls and manages the full circle of sourcing, repair and distribution of used IT equipment – a complete end to end service yet to be matched by any other company in the world.

The role of the TTG global model is critical in helping businesses manage their technology in a scalable, cost effective and efficient way. Due to the consolidation of all worldwide repair activity in one location – the TTG Global Repair Centre in UAE, our customers reap the benefits of a low-cost and easily accessible location to recover value from their assets. Our worldwide network of offices and partners provide rigorous collection and disposal services that allow us to extract more value from each asset and dispose of equipment in the most responsible way.

Project Planning

Driving business efficiency

TT Global professionals are expert at tailoring disposition solutions to suit the specific needs of our customers. From the solution planning stage, through to the disposition audit report, our customers benefit from having one dedicated TT Global professional as a contact point throughout their project’s journey.

Collection Logistics

Experts in IT transportation

We have the capability and expertise to collect from most parts of the world allowing our customers to benefit from outsourcing a process that is not core to their daily business. We also work continuously with our customers to ensure logistics costs are kept to a minimum. Our logistics partners are experts in IT transportation and ensure devices are properly packaged and transported to prevent damage in transit.


Comprehensive equipment review

We undertake a comprehensive equipment review process that is captured in a detailed audit report that records device specifications, equipment condition, data security measures taken, disposal actions, and financial outcomes.

Data Security

Secure IT Asset Disposition

TT Global provides a suite of data security services that complement our clients’ existing internal data destruction processes. Our data security services give organizations a final opportunity to ensure devices are clean before they are either recycled or remarketed.

Value Recovery

Regain value from your assets

Our global operations and sales network around the world allow equipment to be remarketed in the locations that maximize resale value for our clients. We do this by having a strong global network in the under-developed and developing countries. By matching equipment that is end-of-life for developed market consumers with new customers in emerging markets, TT Global is able to offer customers the best pricing possible for their used IT equipment.


Maximizing asset reuse

TT Global offers a unique product stewardship story that maximizes equipment reuse and minimizes the need for recycling. We do this by managing the refurbishment process, whereby non-functioning devices can be used as spare parts to make other devices functional. Where devices have no value even as spare parts and need to be recycled, TT Global only deals with licensed recyclers.
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