Bridging the Digital Divide

TT Global is a world leader in IT reuse. We collect used and surplus IT devices from developed markets and prepare them for use in emerging markets.

Enabling the refresh and reuse of computing devices worldwide

Access to Information Technology is now a major factor in determining personal success in an increasingly digitized and globalized world.

Being IT enabled with fit-for-purpose devices, internet access and IT training is as crucial to a family in rural Kenya as it is to a law firm in New York, but in Kenya, there are significant challenges around accessing affordable IT devices.

TT Global helps to close that digital divide by collecting devices that have fulfilled their 1st life purpose in the US, Europe, and Asia and making them suited and affordable for families, schools, and small businesses in emerging markets.

This cycle brings technological empowerment to individuals and communities and avoids the e-waste and carbon emissions that are generated when devices are retired prematurely.

Building an
IT Reuse Ecosystem Together


Whether disposing of defective or excess inventory, refreshing a nationwide computer fleet, or managing end-of-lease returns, TT Global has the IT reuse solutions you need in over 40 countries.


IT Leasing Company

We serve some of the largest IT leasing companies by offering end-to-end services from logistics to remarketing across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.

IT Manufacturer

Computer Manufacturers use our solutions to manage their defective and excess product returns worldwide, including repair and distribution via pre-approved channels.

Global Bank

Financial institutions with IT assets deployed worldwide trust in our PC fleet refresh solutions delivered by our network of offices in more than 40 countries.

Serving Customers
in 40+ Countries

Why Choose Us

Devices reused

99.3 %

Exceptional global efficiency maximizes reuse

Processing facilities

27 facilities

Facilities specialize in unique roles in the reuse process

Management hubs

3 hubs

Regional senior management always within reach


40 countries

Premium IT reuse services across four continents

Years in operation

24 years

Two decades of steady global expansion

About Us

TT Global specializes in the reuse of Information Technology. Our exceptional people and infrastructure contribute significantly to the circular economy while generating high financial returns for our clients.

TT Global headquarters in Dubai

Since our founding in 1998, TT Global has grown into a multinational IT reuse business operating across four continents and 40 countries.

A lush, green urban park
Circular Economy

Circular economies require reuse rather than recycle, and TT Global's reuse ecosystem is unsurpassed for reducing IT waste and carbon footprint.

TT Global employees at work

Our processes adhere to strict standards that ensure compliance with environmental and trade laws at every stage of the reuse journey.