TT Global

With over one million IT devices moved around the globe annually, TT Global invests heavily in compliance to ensure we and our clients are protected.

Key Regulations
and Practices

  • Basel Convention

    Basel Convention aims to control the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes, preventing its transfer from developed nations to emerging markets.

  • WEEE & RoHS

    WEEE requires proper disposal of electrical and electronic equipment, while RoHS regulates the handling of hazardous substances in these products.

  • Export Regulations

    Export regulations can vary from country to country. US export regulations, for instance, restrict the export of certain goods for national security.

  • DPL Check

    DPL Check involves screening individuals and entities against the US government’s Denied Persons List to prevent export compliance violations.

  • Data Sanitization

    Data sanitization processes must be comprehensive and performed according to recognised international standards using robust software tools.

  • Certified Recycling

    Shipping scrap materials to a certified recycler gives assurance that equipment is being disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

TT Global’s Five Pillars of Compliance

For TT Global, compliance takes many forms, from real-time verification by seasoned compliance professionals to the legitimacy our renowned global repair and remarketing capabilities provide.

  • Robust processes to differentiate between reusable and scrap materials systematically.

  • Established and reputable refurbishment capabilities supporting the reuse narrative.

  • Established markets with proven demand for our repaired devices.

  • Group operations monitored by highly experienced compliance professionals.

  • Comprehensive insurance and disaster recovery coverage.