Data Security

Protecting our customers' data is our top priority. We take the security of customer information very seriously and have put in place extensive measures to ensure its safety.

Data Sanitization

Data sanitization is an integral step in processing storage media carried out rigorously at all our facilities. This service complements our customer’s internal data management processes, providing added assurance that any organizational data will be removed from the devices before they are remarketed through TTG's sales channels.

We offer three alternatives:

  1. Logical Data Sanitization using industry-standard software
  2. Degaussing
  3. Physical destruction

These can be combined to create even higher levels of assurance, e.g., logical data sanitization combined with removing and destroying the hard drive.

Logical data sanitization uses a range of industry-standard software applications, including Blancco and YEC. Customers can specify their desired methodology, whether DoD 5220.22m, NIST Clear/Purge, or others as required.

Being a large purchaser of hard drives that supports our global repair process, we can accept no-hard drive return solutions for high-security scenarios, with the customer retaining the drives to be destroyed or securely stored within their internal environment.

Our robust management systems ensure that critical processes are followed when handling equipment, conducting data sanitization, and keeping records. Our staff is extensively trained and regularly updated with the evolving technology of devices being sanitized and the software performing data wipes.