In keeping with one of three key pillars of the Foundation, Digital Equity, in February of 2023, we established a state-of-the-art digital lab at Kibera Secondary School. Kibera is one of the largest informal settlements in Kenya, where access to technology and quality education is a challenge, contributing to the low digital literacy rate among the local population.

With a focus on creating a robust and high-quality learning environment for students, we engaged an architect to plan the layout of the new lab with a unique student experience in mind. We furnished the space with ergonomic desks and chairs, installed 61 all-in-one computers, and connected them to high-speed internet. This lab has set a new standard for accessing technology in Kibera.

“Our students come from informal settlements, so their exposure to the world is limited. Therefore, this computer lab will have a massive impact on them, ensuring they can access materials online and interact with students from other parts of the world easily. It is a revolutionary step for our school.” (Principal of Kibera Secondary School)

We realised that not just children but also teachers and families needed to be technology-enabled. Hence, to broaden our impact beyond the student community, we have partnered with a Kenyan non-profit organisation to offer local residents a free three-month digital skills training program. This program, held on weekends, digitally empowers youth and teachers who often lack access to such training opportunities.

Community computer labs help bridge the digital divide between underserved communities worldwide and young people in developed markets. It embodies our commitment to creating lasting and impactful change through the technological empowerment of individuals and communities.