TT Global is soon to begin a major expansion and upgrade of our UAE global repair center, which will more than double its capacity and capabilities by the end of 2024.  The enhancements will make it one of the most modern IT reuse facilities, reinforcing its importance as the heart of our global reuse model.  This expansion and remodeling will further increase the unique scale efficiencies across repair, logistics, and distribution we and our customers currently experience.  

We will be taking the opportunity to install full rooftop solar power arrays, making renewables the dominant source of electricity for our UAE operations, taking advantage of rapid shifts in solar power technology and the abundance of solar energy that the UAE has to offer.  

The new facility will future-proof TT Global’s repair process for the next 20 years, ensuring our repair capacity and capability keep pace with the ongoing expansion of our sourcing and distribution facilities worldwide.  It will be an operation our global customers, and we will be proud to be associated with.