We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed corporate profile encompassing a brand-new logo and website that reflects our growing presence in the global IT reuse space. 

Our new logo design, a relay baton motif, symbolizes the essence of IT Reuse, which is the passing on of a valuable asset to a new user. This represents TT Global’s commitment to connecting the world through technology. 

The relay batons grow bigger towards the right, representing worldwide economic growth, and the lean angles that coincide with the Earth’s axial tilt show TT Global leaning in to tackle the global digital divide that is consistent with our mission of “Digital equity through IT reuse”.

Now, for the first time, TT Global’s branding and marketing profile aligns with what we are doing in the real world every day: giving IT devices a second life in the hands of families, schools, and small businesses in emerging markets. 

We will continue to increase our presence and significance in the global market for reusing technology.