We are excited to announce the launch of our first European facility strategically located near Nijmegen, The Netherlands, providing an ideal central location for TT Global’s operations in Europe. This expansion marks a significant milestone for TT Global and demonstrates our commitment to providing premium IT reuse solutions on a global scale. This new 50,000-square-foot site can process up to 1,000 assets daily and gives the TT Global group true pan-international coverage when combined with our existing operations in North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. TT Global Europe will focus on sourcing used, faulty, and excess IT inventory from across West and East Europe, offering the same high and consistent service levels that TT Global is renowned for across the rest of the world.  

This facility creates two key capabilities: 1) We can now offer company-controlled and delivered global reuse solutions across all the world’s major geos, and 2) It creates a runway to connect European customers and the vast supply of used, faulty, and excess IT devices in Europe with the broader capabilities of the TT Global group, particularly our UAE global repair centre. It underscores our commitment to delivering clients a comprehensive IT reuse experience worldwide.

We are very excited about the possibilities this expansion brings for both TT Global and our European and global customers.